Growing and Learning at the 2016 Lancaster County Super Fair

A first-time 4-H Clover Kid Show & Tell participant. She is proud of her project.

A first-time 4-H Clover Kid Show & Tell participant. She is proud of her project.

Wow! What a great time we had at the fair! The weather was good (except for getting drenched with rain along with Wayne Moore in the golf cart – sorry about that Dr. Moore!), the 4-Her’s were excited and the exhibits were amazing!

Watching youth participate in their contests and shows or seeing their excitement at the ribbon they received was worth millions. Even my little friend Gianna did an amazing job with her first Clover Kid’s “show and tell.”

I was also excited to see our wonderful County Commissioners out and about, attending the luncheon, “kissing” a pig, serving watermelon and even assisting in the “Fun at the Farm” exhibit! Several members of the Lancaster County Extension Board also helped with a variety of events. Marty Minchow and Pat Heather were judges for the static exhibits, Jim Bauman assisted with livestock shows, Cathy Plager and Shar Sieck were involved with the 4-H Clover Cafe and 4-H Council Chicken Dinner Fundraiser and Paula Peterson created and organized an amazing “Fun at the Farm” exhibit! Hats off to all for creating growth and learning experiences for the youth of Lancaster County!!

I want to especially thank and commend the 4-H staff and other Lancaster County Extension staff for your hard work and commitment to making the fair a huge success every year. The dedication I witness is like none other. Working from early morning until late in the evening  for days in a row to conduct shows and contests, take pictures, process ribbon placements and payouts, organize displays, and at the same time, making the fair a memorable and positive learning experience for the 4-Her’s and their families.


Karen Wobig
Nebraska Extension Educator & Unit Leader

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