TylerHuskerHarvest2015x680The Extension Division of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln delivers research-based education and information to Nebraskans. These educational programs delivered via a variety of methods are offered through a federal, state and county partnership arrangement.

Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County is dedicated to life-long learning and is an important component of the University of Nebraska’s commitment to outreach education serving the citizens of this state.

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The University of Nebraska is a land-grant university. Land-grant universities work with the people they serve.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln teaches, discovers new knowledge through research, and extends that new, unbiased information across the state and beyond through extension.


Visit us on the Web at http://lancaster.unl.edu

If you don’t live in Lancaster County, Nebraska, United States residents have an extension office near their home. Be sure to check out your local office. Find extension offices – nationwide listing.